Documentary of my good ideas gone wrong.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Sooner, rather than later

So, I had this great idea for a new blog.

But I already have a blog. One where people have joined in and leave comments. I find it rewarding and fulfilling. But it's purpose is not to entertain as it is to document the stories of my life, past and present, for when I'm not around anymore.

The trouble with my blog is that I have ex-in laws and an ex-husband, not to mention other relatives, as readers. This occurred, of course, just as I got to the part in my life where I was documenting their shenanigans.

So, I had to stop with what I need to write about and go in another direction.

This isn't the first time my blogging has taken a turn for the worst. Several months ago, a popular blog I was following, always asked for her readers to send her their horror stories of their mother's in-laws.

So I did. She essentially stopped blogging.

I felt bad, as her readers kept leaving comments inquiring to her whereabouts... I figured I had killed her with my story.

So, I opened a "closed blog" and told my story to some people I invited to get their general reaction. I also used this blog to mildly bitch about my sister, yeah..also another of my blog followers.

But through that closed blog, we were able to assist a fellow blogger save his blogging ass from getting fired. Someday, he will write a book and we will all want six copies.

So, back to my newest great idea. A humor blog with short entries and NO COMMENTS needed. Just a laugh for the reader with no pressure to comment.

I've been gathering my stuff, for this blog, but I can't find the disk for the stupid camera. But I will and then this blog will be a real creative outlet... for me anyway.

I'm wondering if I occasionally steal a post from here and put it on my other blog, will it leave bread crumbs?

You may have noticed a flurry of writing lately, after I made a big deal about not being able to think without my cigarettes. Well, I live in a small town, when I went up to the store the other day to get some change for the yard man, the clerk saw me coming and went to the back and went through the bother of unlocking the ciggie case and bringing a carton of cigs to the register. He, with a carton, was waiting, when I walked in. I told him my daughter only lets me have one pack a week... he said "Wow, that's expensive to buy one at a time".... I said "I know". So I bought the carton with full intentions of telling my daughter and giving them to her.

Instead, I hid them in the car.

Yesterday she said: "Wow, that pack of smokes has really lasted you a long time." and I said: "Yes it did." But I didn't mention "which" pack.

And I said to myself: What in the hell is wrong with me.


  1. "I'm wondering if I occasionally steal a post from here and put it on my other blog, will it leave bread crumbs?"

    Ha! Sprung! Yes I did notice one of your posts turned up on your "official" blog and I was nearly going to email you (under the name by which I know you) and say "hey" some person called oldwaterhead has stolen one of your posts and published it as their own" or maybe you'd stolen from them!! And then I started to think the writing was a little bit familiar, not to mention the photo, and then I read this post.... But don't worry.... noone will hear it from me!

  2. How did I miss this? A certain recognizable style; as appreciated here or there. Now I'm clued in, I'll pay attention to whatever appears next.